It's been a tragic year, I think we can all agree. This week alone has completely wrecked the child inside of me; first Carrie Fisher, then Richard Adams, and now Carrie's dear mother, Debbie Reynolds. Before the news about Debbie broke, I'd already made a bunch of Star Wars/Carrie Fisher icons as a wee tribute to our late princess, so I apologise about there being no Debbie icons, or even icons of Watership Down (tbh, I don't think I could get through Hazel and Fiver icons without crying).

[31] Star Wars/Carrie Fisher icons
[5] FO Banners


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CF banner


[4] The League of Gentlemen
[4] Mad Max: Fury Road (Capable & Nux)
[11] The Flash
[12] Taylor Momsen
[41] Monster High
[11] Stock

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